"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival."

-- Audre Lorde

21 Day Spark Your Intention Program

Why is it that self-care and self-kindness have become a 'nice-to-have' instead of an 'absolute-need-to-have'? When take time to ensure your body is in order, your relationships, your sleep, your health, your career, and your joy all flourish. On the other hand, when we put ourselves last time and time again, our health, our happiness, even our work, can slide out of balance and cause stress, struggle, and illness. 

Whether you're looking to change careers, learn how to meditate, find more direction and balance in life, or a combination of all three, this program is dedicated to standing up for yourself and leading a life you're proud of. We'll work together to re-prioritize YOU. Your self-care, your dreams, your desires and add rituals to your life that realistically align with your schedule and anchor yourself in your own vibrance and strength.

This program will spark a commitment to yourself, and ultimately, your whole life. An individually designed 21-days perfect for the busy person that knows she (or he) needs to develop a self-care routine and craves a trained professional to strategize about inviting more space, time, and energy to prioritize those very elements. 

As life is busier than ever, I know how hard it can be to actually commit to and follow-through with a plan to reinforce wellness in daily life. Through this program, as your partner, your consultant, and your cheerleader, I'll help you do just that. 

I look forward to helping you re-ignite your self-care!

Now, for the goods...

What you get: 

  • 3 Sessions with me via phone, including three 60-minute wellness sessions focused on understanding and dismantling self-care impediments, creating space for daily improvement, and hard-wiring new healthy habits.
  • 21 Days of personalized motivational notes via email allowing you to stay inspired, to stay the course, and to stay focused on self-care goals. 
  • Discussion of ‘take-home’ practices including relaxing breathing exercises, techniques for overcoming stressful situations or insomnia, and tactics to increase or decrease energy as needed throughout your busy day. 
  • Focus and accountability on enjoying new habits. Without adding joy to these changes in your life, what the heck is the point? We'll double-down on what lights you up, and add more of that to your daily routine. 
  • A surprise gift such as a rose-petal-epsom-salt bath balm, a book I think you'll love, or some other fun treat. 
  • Unlimited email and planning support across our program. 
  • An accountability partner and cheerleader helping you step towards your health goals in an enjoyable manner. 
This program gave me space to reflect and re-discover the richness that lives inside of me. I discovered that there was a whole world within me that I hadn’t tapped into in a while (or in a some cases, ever), and it was so fun and exciting to go inside myself, make me the focus of my attention, and explore!”
— Casey B.

The Exchange

The cost of this program is $550. To secure your spot in this program, click below.