40 Day Revival

"For the first time in a very long time, I have learned how to put myself first & celebrate my own self-worth."  -- OliviaProgram Manager

The program positively shifted my thought process, leaving me free of anxiety and armed with methods to cope when stress arises in daily life. The individualization of Joanna's program allowed me to hone in on specific needs that were necessary to address. I feel so much more relaxed and at ease, and the noticeable difference has been brought to my attention by friends and family." -- Lindsey, Membership and Programming, U.S. Chamber of Commerce



  • an improvement in the condition or strength of something
  • an instance of something become popular, active, or important again

This 40 Day Program is about reviving YOU. Your joy, your desires, your self-care, your health. Your dreams for your life. 

This program is not for the person who wants to play small, put joy on hold, or refuse to take responsibility for life's current situation. This program is for the person who wants to change his or her life. Who needs a transformation. Who needs a revival - a pathway to dream chasing and a life of health and happiness. 

With so much on our plates these days, it's extremely difficult to walk the road to wellness alone. I work with my clients to discover their unique recipe for health and balance through inspiring coaching exercises, guided relaxation, and sustainable practices to motivate and hold them accountable for change across the course of our revival.  This truly is a holistic approach, and will offer you a new route and opportunity to create the life you've always imagined. 

The 40 Day Revival program is focused on re-energizing and resetting the way you live each day, identifying and prioritizing your dreams, and promoting small but lasting life changes. The program is extremely personalized and is designed for that busy person who wants inspiration, motivation, and insight along the journey to real, lasting change.  

Now for the goods...

What you get: 

  • 5 sessions with me including a 20 minute initial consult to learn about your unique background, one-on-one 90-minute kick start session where we'll set incredible (and achievable goals), map out our plan of attack across the program's length, discuss self-care strategies and end with a delicious and relaxing guided meditation. And three follow-up 60 minute sessions dedicated to checking-in on goals, holding you accountable, and exploring exercises to better clear a direct path to wellness and joy.  These sessions also include planning sustainability strategies AND taking time to celebrate your achievements! 
  • A personalized daily email from me to you keeping you on-path and focused on your new awesome goals.  These little notes are not only sent to ensure you have a daily reminder to stay the course, but also that we are communicating effectively as a team to ensure you prioritize your own self-care, and maintain healthy habits
  • Discussion of ‘take-home’ practices including relaxing breathing exercises, techniques for overcoming stressful situations or insomnia, and tactics to increase or decrease energy as needed throughout your busy day. 
  • Focus and accountability on enjoyable movement. Without enjoyment, there is no sustainability. I'll work with you to discover types of exercise that is actually nourishing and health-promoting and will help inspire you with new ideas, and resources, in said area. 
  • A personalized meditation recording written and created by yours truly based on your unique needs, and yours to keep even after the program ends.
  • Tried and truly delicious recipes tailored to your favorite flavors and genres of food. 
  • A surprise gift such as a new food to try, an inspiring read or a cookbook selected specifically for you and your needs. 
  • Unlimited email and planning support across our program. I will be completely available and dedicated to Y-O-U. 
  • An accountability partner and cheerleader helping you step towards your health goals in an enjoyable manner. 

The Investment:

The cost of this program is $850. Payment plans are available. 

I was so surprised by the changes in my body in such a short period of time. I was really amazed at how my cravings changed and at times I seem to have more energy. I can always tell when my body isn’t happy and I’m not eating right by my face (I will start to breakout everywhere). However this past month, my face seems brighter and has cleared up immensely. I really really enjoyed this program, and would highly recommend it to anyone!
— Nicole, Associate Scientist
I was so excited each morning to see what the email would contain. I loved how differentiated the emails were - from smoothie recipes to mantras to challenges - I benefited tremendously from having something to focus on in my day and motivate me in a different way. They changed my thinking and outlook many days and I could immediately see the impact they had - such as calming me down during a stressful commute, taking the longer walk home to incorporate movement, or choosing a different food option, I saw the changes they had on my energy levels and mental outlook. I cannot thank Joanna enough for such a tremendous journey. I did not know such profound changes are possible in that time frame! I will treasure this experience forever and continue to build upon it.
— Ashley, MBA Candidate, Chicago