Non-Negotiable Daily Epsom Salt Baths & Icing my Tail: A June to Remember

Happy June, friends! Hard to believe it’s here and I’m working hard to savor and S-L-O-W down a bit to ensure I don’t miss this month and wake up on Sep 1st wondering what happened to my summer. Given my current physical state of affairs, slowing down is easy to do because it’s the only thing you can do.  You know sometimes when you ignore small whispers of something that the universe (or grace/God/karma/fill-in-the-blank) is trying to tell you…like when I ignored the tendonitis I was getting in my elbows from overuse (yoga, cooking, metroing-more-than-ubering while carting heavy groceries, you get the picture). Instead of taking it easy, I pushed through and pushed on with my practice and a lazy ice pack every other day or so. Well, when my clumsiness came out in full force over memorial day weekend and I accidentally plopped down onto the hard wooden arm rest of the couch (instead of the soft cushion I thought I was jumping into), I injured my tailbone.  I injured it bad.

At first I couldn’t really sit or walk well. Lots of ice was involved. There was a little bit of cussing. Sleeping was the worst – I really couldn’t lay flat comfortably…your tail bone is SO important people! So very sensitive when bruised! So needless to say, since that point, almost a solid 2 weeks ago, I have been taking it E-A-S-Y. I have basically been forced to take a daily bath to soothe my throbbing tail.  I’ve sat on stacks of ice packs while curating recipes and talking to virtual clients. I haven’t been able to practice yoga, I haven’t even been able to power walk up the metro escalators (I never stand and chill to the right!).

But despite the complaining, the cussing, the tough sleeping situation, I’ve started to take some walks. Long, slow walks. Where I have to focus on the act of walking AND take in the beauty of what’s around me. I’ve been reflecting a lot on how incredible the human body is – how one seemingly small, innocuous part, can have such a MAJOR role in what we feel, how we move. Basically I’m trying to relish my forced rest instead of fight back.  Sometimes, you need to shush up and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. And clearly, I need to take more baths.


Joanna Andreae