A July of Creativity and Invention

It is said that "necessity is the mother of invention." And I never really understood the phrase, I mean REALLY understood it, until recently. Though I've had health consulting clients and taught meditation for over a year now, it's only been a few months of officially quitting the corporate job and jumping into full-blown launch mode for Wandering Wellness.  And what happens when you leave a very lucrative day job to become a full-time girl boss? You go on a budget. Now historically the "b-word" wasn't something I enjoyed thinking about talking about, or reading about.  But something funny happens when you begin to pursue your passions, it often initially requires a recalibration of expenditures, and because you're working so hard doing what you truly love, you don't seem to mind.  

While I've never lived a super lavish life of shopping and travel, I do like to spend my $ on food. Good. Quality. Food. I've been known to clean up at a farmers market. Buying so much loot that I needed to Uber home. Yes, this is a true story. 

But now things are shifting. And that's OK. In fact, a wonderful thing is happening with my recipe experimenting, and with my overall spending. I'm becoming much more mindful. I'm getting much more creative. And I'm inventing and recreating dishes that (almost always) taste pretty darn good using the things I already have in my pantry. To share one such experiment as of late, click here for my healthy zucchini fries recipe.

So as you continue wandering and cooking this early July I encourage you to use what's in your cabinets. What crazy flours or or old cans of who knows what you have in the pantry. Mix in some farmers market freshness of course but utilize what you have. Recreate, reinvent, repurpose some of the foods that usually just rot in your vegetable crisper after 2 weeks. I promise, even if you make something disastrous, you'll have fun and be that much closer to something delish in the future. Here's to a July of creativity, and of invention! 

Joanna Andreae