2016: A year of honoring the old to make room for the new

new year beautiful old you

Dear ones,

Hello + Happy Happy New Year! I Love everything about a new year. I love the intention setting, the energy of fresh starts and clean slates. I love the ability to re-invent and to transform. But I also think, unfortunately, we throw away a lot of the honoring + releasing of the year prior when we set intentions, create resolutions, and try to go from 0 to 60.  I'm inspired by the words of Carl Rogers when he writes:

"It wasn't until I accepted myself just as I was, that I was free to change." 

I find this to be the ultimate paradox - sometimes with myself - and so many of the clients I work with. Too often we think, "I just need to get that next graduate degree, or that promotion, or lose those 15 pounds, THEN I'll be happy, then I'll have that life that I want." Unfortunately, SO much good actually happens (quite surprisingly) when we practice loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, and honoring where we are.  

What if this year we didn't try to throw away the 'old' version of ourselves, but instead spent some time thinking about that person, what he or she has been through, and expressing some gratitude for the adventure of this crazy life. 

When we prioritize time to practice reflecting on the past, we help to release it and only then do we find the space we need to create something fresh, new, and exciting for the year ahead. 

Getting your thoughts out on paper or on a word doc is the very best way to help yourself feel organized and feel like the bright, number one priority that you are. Here is a writing exercise to help you do just that.

  1. write down your wonders and wins of 2015. Don't leave anything out! That crazy weekend vacation you took on a whim, that AMAZING recipe you made that one time for a dinner party, that beautiful sunset you watched last month. Revel in the wins of the past year.
  2. write down the 5 most important things in your life.  Seriously, what are the most important things to you in this life. What means the most. What gives you the most joy, the most inspiration
  3. Set 3 actionable + achievable goals to ensure you are taking steps to focus on the things that are actually important to you this year. If family is a big piece of it, set aside one evening a week to call a family member. If learning how to cook is important, take time to sign up for a cooking class, or set aside an evening of cooking at home. Small, sustainable goals are a great place to start. Doing them now will pay dividends later. Trust me! 

So who cares if it's a week after New Years Day. Start now. You are worth it and I believe in you. 

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