Friday Favorites Week #2

friday favorites week no. 2

Inspiration for your energy, your belly, and your ears. I hope you enjoy!

I know it's not September anymore. But I can't stop listening to this song.

I am still fawning over this sweet box. Great wellness gift idea for birthdays or Christmas! 

A blogger I love in L.A. shared this energy routine a few months ago. Besides the fact this woman is super enthusiastic and kind of reminds me of Miss Frizzle, this stuff actually works. I've been using the quick techniques myself and sharing them with clients. 

Self-blessing is definitely a passion of mine lately. If you live in L.A. (or know someone who does), I hope you can make this event -- it's going to be amazing. Flower crowns, self-celebration, meditation + yoga, and community. Plus great snacks and swag bag. 

Enjoy the weekend, folks!