The Holiday Reading List

the reading list

A home without books is like a body without a soul – Cicero

Self-mastery, self-improvement, self-awakening. I am a sucker for books that tout any of these things. One of my lovely clients reached out a few days ago and asked for gift-guide/holiday-reading-list to keep her inspired.  I was elated as lately, when I think of the things I want to buy, talk about, and think about all day it's books!  And beeswax candles, handmade ceramics, and veggie tacos. But I digress...

When it comes to books, they need to be special. They need to draw me in, ignite something in me that makes me hungry for more and hungry to share. The best of books, in my opinion, also provoke and challenge my beliefs and the way I see the world.

Often my meditation class themes are inspired by a new book. Many of my wellness consulting clients email me to ask, "what ARE you reading these days?" You see, I am always reading. Often 10-20 books at a time. And today, I have done my very best to compile a list of quite a few goodies. I hope these will give you ideas for gifts this season (for others or for your beautiful self) but may they also keep you inspired as we step into 2017.

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What I'm Reading Right Now


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