Great Expectations

Great Expectations

A few days ago, I picked up a rental car at LAX. I had booked the rental on old rewards points from my corporate days and was excited to ride out into my LA adventure. It was early, I was slightly annoyed no one was yet manning the “Gold Members” booth but there was one attendant who kindly checked me in.

“Your car is in spot 307,” he said. Ok, great. Thanks! I headed out as the early morning sun was starting to rise. I took a deep breath in and out and was feeling good. As I approached the priority rewards cars I couldn’t believe my luck. I walked right up to my car – a new, white Mercedes mini SUV.

I actually I jumped up and down right there in the parking lot. Then I took pictures of the beautiful machine on my phone and gleefully texted them to a friend and my hubby. I loaded all my stuff in, slid into the gorgeous all-black-leather interior and started to do a little happy dance.

Unfortunately, this bliss-wave ended about 3 minutes later (after the butt warmers were kicking in beautifully) when I drove to the check-out section and realized this was not, in fact, my rental car.

Maybe it’s because I spent the day prior wearing a flower crown and celebrating my own awesomeness. Maybe it’s because it was super early in the morning or maybe it’s because I like shiny new things, but I overlooked the little red Nissan Altima that was actually in spot #307, and accidentally headed right to the expectation of luxury in #305.

I apologized for the mix-up, re-transferred my stuff into the little red (non-leathered) Altima, and tried for round II. Only, I didn't tuck my tail between my legs as I did so. And I didn't apologize profusely, but I actually found a lot of humor in the whole situation. 

I chuckled to myself as I drove off into the California Sunrise. There was a part of me that felt a little silly for letting my mood be so positively influenced by something so superficial, but on some level I was proud of myself.

Proud that I consider it natural to expect great things from the universe. Proud that I could feel extremely comfortable in something so luxurious. Proud that I could have a good laugh about this whole 6:00 AM switcheroo. But mostly, proud that I could still ride off into the California sunshine still just happy to be alive in that little red Nissan.

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Garments: Scarf | Kit + Ace, Jacket | J.Crew, Flower Crown | Brandi Stereo 

Photography | Alex Elle