Welcoming Spring

welcoming spring

It's here! The flowers, the sunshine, the warm weather, the allergies, the fresh energy of life, of rebirth. It's all here. Spring is a very powerful time of year. A season of great transformation and transition.

Now more than ever is the time to shake off the cold heaviness of winter and jump into the levity, warmth, and excitement of spring. Here are 10 ways to help you do just that:

  1. Detox. No I don't mean go on a 10 day green juice cleanse, but yes I do mean noticing what you need to eliminate from your life. Are there any toxic habits it's time to release? Toxic people or relationships? Toxic self-talk? It's time to release these habits - whether they be cheetos, unrequited love, or a bad home environment (bye bye crazy roomie, hello happiness).
  2. Declutter your home. I can safely assume many of you know by now about the Konmari method and her incredible book to declutter. I think it's incredible to clean house in every season but especially now, is a great time to re-evaluate if you actually need everything that you have. When we release old stuff (like my pink-cupcake-style prom dress from senior year of high school) we also make space in our lives for new wonderful things, experiences, people, etc.  Clutter literally and figuratively clogs our energy and releasing it can be such a freeing experience. 
  3. Get your green on. It is time more than ever to get outside. If you can't get out mid-day because you're chained to your desk at work, then wake early and go for a walk in the early morning sunrise vibrance. It will change your whole day. However you can, spend time outside in the green, get it done. Seeing green helps the body relax, heal, and rejuvenate. 
  4. Keep allergies at bay with anti-inflammatories - anything anti-inflammatory is going to help calm allergies a bit. Guess what, green vegetables are fabulous in the body for this reason. So are lemons (lemon water, lemon squeeze on your sweet green salads), berries, beets, and celery. Alcohol, dairy, and meat products all solicit an inflammatory response in the body so if you are having a bit of a sniffly spring, you may want to reduce or eliminate those foods and see if your conditions improve.
  5. Chase your dreams - I don't say this to be trite. If your job is ruining your life and you are completely miserable...well...it might be time to find a new one. This is the time of transformation.  Of making grand plans, of sloughing off the old stuff that doesn't serve you in every capacity of your life. Don't be afraid to be bold -- you might be surprised by how much power and strength you have. Life is meant to be lived after all. 
  6. Play outside - The other day I walked past a group of kiddos running around like crazy people during recess. It was amazing. They were SO free. So wild. Having so much fun. When was the last time you actually made time to play? When was the last time you did a cartwheel? Or made a wish on a dandelion? Don't take things so seriously this season, and allow yourself to skip around, frolic, play tag. Give that inner child some attention.
  7. Eat with the season. As one blogger put it beautifully - "because the body will naturally want to clean out its own closet" - eat plenty of leafy greens that help to do just that. My personal favorites? Chard, arugula, parsley, and kale. 
  8.  Plant something. There is something inexplicably rewarding about seeing something you've nurtured from seed actually sprout up and grow. There's also something to be said about getting a little dirt under your fingernails. Even if it's just a windowsill basil plant. Plant something, give it the energy and attention it needs to grow (approximately 5 seconds of watering) and enjoy this connection to life and its cycles. 
  9. Wake up earlier. This should be starting to feel a bit easier as the sun is out earlier (thank you, daylight savings) and the warmer air can be much more energizing and opening. Try to get up even 30 minutes earlier than normal and prioritize a spring self-care ritual. Meditate. Walk outside. Enjoy a long luxurious breakfast. 
  10. Embrace the season's brightness.  Yellow, purple, pink, red, blue, green. These are just some of the colors I'm fortunate to see around Washington D.C. as I traverse this great city. I too find myself reaching for less of the black in my closet and more of the brighter stuff that replicates what I see the natural world doing. Perk up your look with some springtime colors, a bright or bold statement piece (necklace, hat, bag, whatever) and enjoy a little sunny blooming of your own. 

If you have thoughts about these tips, or others to recommend, please do let me know! Leave me a note in the comments below or send an email to joanna@wanderingwellness.com

'Till Then, happy, happy Spring!