It's never too late to follow your bliss


"A dream is a catalyst for change, first in the dreamer, and again and again in the dream shared"

- Lynne Twist 

A little over a year ago, I left my stable, lucrative, highly respected job to follow my dreams. I can remember clearly a friend sharing words of advice a few days in advance of this move. She said, "Joanna, enjoy the first few months of freedom, being your own boss, etc., but after a while the honeymoon will wear off and there will be a big drop-off period. You'll feel lost, regretful, and perhaps even lonely. Just stay the course when that happens but know it's going to be tough." Well friends, it's been over 13 months and I have never looked back.

Is my life a perfect playground of unicorns, yoga, and kale smoothies? No! (Even though sometimes my husband thinks so). I have good and bad days like anyone else. But in reflecting upon this past year, I've noticed how powerful, how magnetic, and how liberating it can be to take those bigger life risks and chase after those big dreams when you are truly grounded in their authenticity and alignment to your true self. 

I knew I wanted to help people relax and de-stress. I knew I was the perfect candidate to do so as I'd lived that stress-junkie life: years of travel, tons of pressure negotiating huge contracts, presenting in front of large groups of hospital executives or university presidents and leadership teams, and bringing in millions of dollars of revenue for my employer. I could empathize with life in the fast line because, for a time, that was all I knew. 

Since I parted ways (very amiably I might add) with my previous place of work, I've continued to look to the future and maximize ways to connect people to themselves and one another in the present moment. I've had the honor of leading large corporate wellness workshops on topics like mindfulness, healthy eating for busy people, and 'how to meditate' for beginners. It's been enormously rewarding to create and facilitate women's circles, radical self-care workshops, and to work with dozens of people one-on-one to isolate their goals, and actually take actions to achieve them.

Though my take-home pay is a fraction of what I used to make, I have never been more proud, or honored to share what I do and to help the people I help. Pursuing your dreams isn't always easy - I used to have two assistants to schedule my calendar, field my calls, and organize my life. Now, I'm the boss, the assistant, the CFO, the head of marketing and everything in between.

But it has been worth it. So, unbelievably worth it. When you touch the path you're supposed to be on when you activate the life you're supposed to lead, there is absolutely no denying it. There is no looking back with regret. There is no choice but to continue. I believe that you too can live a life and have a career that aligns with your gifts and your joy.

It's never too late to start over. It's never too late to be bold. It's never too  late to follow your dreams. 

To work one-on-one to pursue your passions, schedule a session with me right here. Your dreams are worth it.