Slow Savored Summertime

Slow Savored Summertime

Perhaps it’s because it has been so roasty and toasty in Washington, D.C. lately that I am finding myself aching to move more slowly. I am feeling the distinct need to S L O W down my movements, my eating, my burning desire to 50+ things in a day, and most of all my time for self-care.

I am noticing the powerful effect of this season's heat on my body. The need for more water. The need for more rest. Even the need for more silent, solo time. In the heat of summer fun, festivities, and the always busy wedding-season, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Nevertheless here are a few ways I’m finding time to slow down and savor the flavor of summer – blazing heat and all. I hope they may inspire you to do the same.

Making my morning ritual non-negotiable. I’ve talked about the importance of morning rituals before,but in the last few weeks especially, this has become an essential part of my AM. I need my tea. I need a few moments to breathe, and journal, I need to find and align with my center. When I don’t take the time to do this I become a whirling dervish who’s way too hot and cranky. I’ve recognized that those 10-30 minutes of slowing down first thing for this centering ritual are worth it.

Making less plans. This one is hard, but lately the season is really forcing me to take care of a deep feeling of tiredness. This has meant less time with friends, less coffee dates, happy hours, and hang-outs. The wonderful thing about true friends and partners is  that they understand the power of self care. But making less plans, and canceling those already made when you just have to isn’t always about missing out. For me, it’s meant catching up on more sleep, reflecting, and getting those things done for myself that I’ve been putting off.

Creating space to read. Reading for pleasure is under attack in the modern age. I find we’re all reading, all day long – on a form of technology – but we don't make time to do so with an actually book. And as such we’re often missing those juicy ‘aha’ moments and insights that come from getting lost in a good read. I’m working hard to carve out at least 15 minutes in the evening to unwind before bed with something to read that I enjoy. It is a game-changer and without a doubt a sleep improver.

Fueling my body with what it craves. Though I'm usually a warm-food gal, because of the stifling hot, it’s been a time of eating lots of fresh, raw, and cooling foods. It’s meant a ton of water, and a bit more green juice and green smoothies. I share this with my clients all the time: our bodies respond brilliantly to what's going on in the external world. If we're hot, we can literally cool ourselves down by eating more raw fruits and veggies. In the process of learning to listen to my own body, I’ve been able to do just that, and make it fun by visiting farmers markets and selecting some extremely fresh and delicious in-season produce.  

Ultimately, we are all racing toward the finish line of life, but we sometimes forget how sweet it can be to walk a little slower, listen a little deeper, savor our food a little more, and listen to the warm rhythm of the earth and our own bodies. I promise you, if I can learn to slow down a little this time of year, you can too.

To work together one-on-one to find ways to slow down and savor your own life, book a session right here. I look forward to it and you are so very worth it.