Stop Complaining and Start a Revolution

stop complaining and start a revolution

Until just a few days ago, I had been feeling quite cut off from my own intuition. Worried that my intuitive voice was somehow clouded, or missing, or had just vanished. I couldn’t trace it back to exactly when, where, or why it happened, but I there was no denying some sort of disconnect.

Then I heard something from one of my favorite Kundalini yoga teachers that I had to share with you. She was describing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan (the spiritual teacher who brought Kundalini to the West), especially as they relate to complaining. She said the following:

The moment you go into the vibration of or the words of complaint, your whole intuitive power starts to diminish.

In other words, we cut ourselves off from that deep, undeniable direction and higher compass when we complain about anything or are in the mindstate, headspace, or even tone of complaint.

A little google search revealed a more positive bend to that thought from Yogi Bhajan, himself:

The mind is above time and space. If you decide not to complain, it will immediately compensate you with intuition.

This resonated with me completely. I had been complaining about the heat. About my low-quality sleep, about my race against time, the unfinished things on my to do list, etc. And through these vibrations of complaint I was cutting myself off from my intuition.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? To be connected to our higher guidance, our truest self, we can’t be so bogged down by piddly little happenings on this lower plane. We can’t be tied down to negativity. The more negative chains we forge for ourselves, the harder to hear that small still voice that wants us to break free.

Lately I’ve been paying very close attention to my sound current of complaint. Am I complaining about the weather just to make conversation? Am I thinking negative thoughts? Or can I get to a place of silver-lining-positivity. Recognizing sure, shit happens, but there are many ways to rise above and connect to that larger perspective and important voice – the voice of myself – my highest intuition - expressing herself for my good and the good of the world around me.

Let’s stop complaining about stupid stuff and actually live the life we’re destined for. 

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photography by Raisa Aziz