UBER drivers and angels

uber drivers and angels

Not too long ago, after teaching a wonderful but late corporate meditation class, I decided to take an UBER home. After frustratingly watching my UBER get lost finding me on the app, I took a deep breath in, sighed it out and decided to let it go and just be kind.

What followed was one of the most interesting UBER rides I’ve ever had.

My UBER driver, aptly named Emmanuel, began to make small talk as I distractedly answered him while checking my phone (will I ever learn?!). He started to say something about how he strives to treat everyone with respect because you never know who you’re talking to. This snapped me out of my Instagram wormhole. I put down my phone and asked him to tell me more.  

He then asked me, “Joanna, do you believe in angels?”

"Angels? Well, yes. As a matter of fact I do", I told him. With a big smile he started to recount a story of when he lived in London a few years ago and was desperate to find work. He said one particularly bleak morning feeling helpless and hopeless he literally dropped to his knees asking anything and anyone for help. 

Later that day while waiting for the bus he ran into another Ghanaian man. Emmanuel was excited to find a fellow countryman sharing, “I couldn't believe it! He spoke my language!”

The Ghanaian man told him quite unprompted that he happened to know his company was hiring exclusively for the night shift – exactly what Emmanuel was looking for. The man gave him a specific address, detailed directions to get there, an office contact to speak with, and that very day Emmanuel was hired.

A few days later while learning the ropes, he started asking around about the man who gave him the referral. Oddly enough no one on his shift recognized the name or knew of anyone that fit his physical description.

Confused, Emmanuel said a few weeks later he had a chance to meet with supervisors and overseers of all shifts and asked them the same question, but not one person knew the man.  Emmanuel realized then and there, he had met an angel. Someone sent to help him along his way in a dire time of need.

I was stunned. I realized something in the back of that UBER. I realized that there are so many opportunities to connect with people and that we all have an amazing story to tell. I realized that I could have completely taken this person for granted and I was grateful to remember in that moment, the very best teachers are the ones that are unexpected. 

I definitely do believe in angels. I believe there are beings all around us here to support us and help us along our way. I believe we're able to call upon that support to reach our highest goals and our highest purpose here on earth.  

Thank you, Emmanuel, for reminding me that all we have to do is ask.