27 Days of Giving

Our mission this month and Aquarian moon cycle is to give. To be the great humanizers. To understand by compassion, and show up as rebels with a cause. There is quite obviously a culture of fear that is flooding every media source we access. And yet, in this trying time, we're dedicating ourselves to making a shift creating a ripple effect of this:


At the most recent Women's Circle, we talked about the myth of scarcity, and the reality that we ALWAYS have an abundance of treasure give. We KNOW it is in giving that we receive. And it's not necessarily about cash and feeling like you have to empty your bank account, but about giving love, light, presence, listening, and even the gift of a smile and a nod to a stranger. 

So today you are invited to all join us on Day #1 of a force, a movement we've created to show up for our human family. To remember there is unity that oceans, and politicians cannot sever -- ever. Today is Day #1 of the giving challenge. An invitation to give a gift every day for 27 days - big or small. Physical or emotional. The sky is truly the limit.

I have complied lists of suggestions yesterday's circlers wrote down to keep us inspired and motivated and have included it below. I hope you'll join us on this movement whether you attended the circle or not. Let's start something positive today. 

The Giving List

  1. Give a hug
  2. Give someone a loving text
  3. Give myself at least 1 minute meditation every day
  4. Call an old friend
  5. Take a bubble bath
  6. Give a friend a self-care treat (mani/pedi/massage)
  7. Facetime a family member
  8. Call my best friend (and ensure I schedule the time so I can be present and free to chat attentively)
  9. Walk my roommate’s dog
  10. Give a $5 starbucks gift card to a protestor or a policeperson
  11. Cuddle animals at a shelter
  12. Pick up trash on the street
  13. Give money or food to homeless people 
  14. Be a beacon of positivity and love to someone who needs it
  15. Call a friend going through a new/confusing/tough time and just listen
  16. Reach out to someone you’ve had a rift with recently
  17. Smile at someone on the metro
  18. Give a compliment 
  19. Bring a baked good to a friend having a rough time with the political climate
  20. Send a card or note to a newly diagnosed cancer patient
  21. Reach out to a new acquaintance you want to turn into a friend
  22. Call a friend who has recently lost someone
  23. Send a card to someone just because. Let them know you’re thinking of them
  24. Donate to an organization (National or local)
  25. Remember to take time for yourself – you can’t give what you don’t have!
  26. Bring in treats or healthy snacks for coworkers
  27. Offer my house as a place to hangout and gather
  28. Give attention to my yoga students
  29. Buy plants and take care of them
  30. Give love, attention and high-quality listening to those closest to me
  31. Stay aware and engaged with what’s happening re: immigration
  32. Leave a post-it in a hobbit wish form: “ May your…and may you always…. (i.e. may your eyes dance with joy and may your love always find music from within)
  33. Be kind to myself
  34. Be more open to other people’s opinions
  35. Give love to people (family + friends) even if they don't seemingly deserve it. Give anyway
  36. Mend my relationship with my mom by communicating with her
  37. Find a volunteer project
  38. Cook dinner for friend
  39. Write thank younotes to my parents and others
  40. Babysit
  41. Ask what someone needs – give according to their request
  42. Make breakfast for someone you love on an important day (like the day of a big presentation or interview)
  43. Listen empathetically
  44. Smile at a neighbor you usually walk by
  45. Write a card and send it to an elderly family member
  46. Surprise a coworker with coffee when I go to get my own
  47. Gift myself – take time to read for pleasure
  48. Send a thank you card to grandma
  49. Give time and energy to my roommate who is feeling lonely
  50. Get my garden ready for spring growth
  51. Surprise someone with an unexpected treat (coffee, dessert, random gift)
  52. Buy a drink for the person in line behind you.
  53. Share a photo – old or new that reminds you of someone you love
  54. Write an I love you because….to your partner, dad, sibling, etc…just because
  55. Volunteer with onebrick.org
  56. Send someone a funny giff, video or comedy skit via email to brighten their day
  57. Paint or draw or craft something for someone in your life
  58. Gift someone something you know they need – like a fresh bag of yummy coffee beans, or even eggs
  59. Give books or school supplies to schools/teachers in need
  60. Give the gift of being extra nice/kind to that person you usually hurry through conversation with (i.e. dry cleaner, grocery store clerk, etc.)
  61. Create a gratitude list for someone you love. Like, “Mom, here are 10 reasons why I am so grateful for you…”
  62. Write someone a poem
  63. Surprise a new neighbor with a bottle of wine, or bar of chocolate, or some other kind and neighborly gesture

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