Magnificent Monday | Episode 11


A mantra to remove blocks to prosperity, a book about God I can't stop reading, a 6-minute heart healing kriya, and more to make your Monday Magnificent...

A prosperity mantra you can listen to at work that removes blocks and fears related to your own success. Got it on repeat today. 

When your teacher and the "home" studio you've been inhabiting for the past week for teacher training gets written up in Vogue. Read all about it here

A friend recently shared this heart healing meditation with me. It's only 6 minutes or so and damn it's powerful. 

And for the variations on a theme: I've been making this turmeric hot cocoa latte daily and adding all sorts of goodies and extra fat. Use this as a base and continue to add more ghee, coconut oil, and/or adaptogenic superfoods of choice. 

I really enjoyed this podcast. She gets a lot of flack for her expensive products and yet, she actually has walked the walk of cooking, healing, and discovering. It opened my eyes to a much richer and fuller picture of this woman in food. 

And speaking of women. And food. And the moon...there are only a few spots left at this Sunday's moon circle in Shaw.