Magnificent Monday | Episode 12


My hubby's famous bread recipe, an ancient prayer to start your day, a mantra for good luck, and more to make your Monday Magnificent...

Though sometimes I try to eat a bit more on the GF side, this bread has me diving in to gluten with reverence and zeal. Plus, if it's homemade it's always gonna be a bit better for you.

I really enjoyed reading this prayer to kick off the week. 

Apparently, anyone who practices  this meditation and corresponding mantra is granted "prosperity, creativity, and protection against attacks". It also "gives new power to your words and brings luck." I find the melody beautiful and have added it to my personal practice daily. 

This list of plant based calcium rich foods has been quite helpful as of late. I personally love adding blackstrap molasses and lemon to a cup of water in the AM. 

This cute-as-hell brand is having a sale that ends today. I still can't decide if i can bring myself to buy a $200 dog bed/floor pillow. But if you can, you should. And feel free to buy me one too for Theo's early Christmas present.