Magnificent Monday | Episode 13


A poem about persimmons that always makes me cry, a number of uses for your leftover coffee grounds that don't include the compost bin, an artist I cannot stop listening to and more all to make your Monday Magnificent. 

This tome was recommended by a dear friend and I listened to it on audiobook across the past month. It was an investment of time but well worth the magic, intrigue, and women's view of the age old Arthurian adventure. 

This poem always makes me cry. And due to the beautiful persimmons my cousin gifted me with in L.A., I felt I had to share again. 

D.C.ers I am beyond excited to share my favorite bio-hacking form of meditation and wellness this Sunday. 

A moon circler introduced me to this artist and lately I have been listening to her nonstop. 

The next cozy thing I'm cooking. 

A lovely (and somewhat challenging) kundalini kriya for digestive health. 

Joanna Andreae