Speak Your Truth


A few days ago I had the honor of speaking at a small liberal arts college just outside of Los Angeles. It was something I had been dreaming of and working towards. My true goal of speaking, traveling and embodying what it means to be Wandering Wellness was manifested. 

The connection and session was fortuitous from the start. Randomly, a self-starting college student reached out to me after hearing this podcast, and said she was struck by how authentic and genuine the interview sounded. She went on to share how the women on campus are hungry for people who can tell their story and speak their truth. That there is a need to nourish and uplift this very driven yet stressed out and pressure-ridden population. 

Fast forward a few months and I'm reflecting on my whirlwind visit to their campus last weekend. The sessions were simply wonderful. Incredible students coming with open hearts and minds to learn more, feel more relaxed, and have an embodied experience of wellness and connection. It was a beautiful two days and truly aligned with my passions. I've always loved to share, speak, and tell stories - especially when it relates to healing and empowerment.

But this whole process of speaking in larger forums about this work has got me thinking. I'm recognizing that speaking your truth is something we can all do and in fact are all being called to do and in modern life. 


Because we live in a highly pressurized situation at present. Because there were too many people that came before us who weren't allowed to speak their truth due to their gender, skin color, age, or station. Because when we don't speak our truth, our bodies, minds, and hearts rebel. Because when we don't speak our truth, we risk missed opportunities for inspiration and communion. Our  purpose here is indeed to speak our truth, each of us, in our way. It is our destiny. There may be one person out there absolutely starving for your words. And it may be a life-saving balm. 

For me, speaking my truth means teaching the art of balance and soul-care from my own experiences. It means the sharing of my wins and follies, and the lessons that have come and will continue to come as I go deeper into meditation, mindful living, and a life of choosing joy. It means using the knowledge and wisdom I've gained from the corporate, yogic, and entrepreneurial worlds to shine in my own way and inspire others to do the same.

But enough about me. What about you?

What does speaking your truth look like for you? It doesn't have to involve a podium and a microphone. It doesn't have to involve a group of any sort. But it does have to involve using the many mediums for expression that exist to share the heart of your unique truth. It may be...

  • Standing up for yourself in a relationship that feels misaligned.
  • Writing a thank you letter to someone you love and telling them why exactly they're so wonderful.
  • Joining a community of some sort - a women's circle, a meet up, and sharing your story with a small group. 
  • Writing an experience that's on your heart. Whether it's in a private journal or a public blog you're sharing in the art of reflecting and story-sharing.

Essentially, how can you dream bigger to create connections and opportunities to share truth in this world? How can you offer your innumerable innate gifts with the people and the planet?

The world needs your truth, spread in your way, right now. It's calling out for it.

Will you answer? 

Joanna Andreae