Magnificent Monday: Episode 14


A meditation to remove fear of the future, this exquisite artist, a new perspective on getting what you want in relationships and more to make your Monday magnificent. 

I have been teaching this 11 minute meditation to my new kundalini students and clients alike. It is easy, definitely on the sneakier side, and helps to remove fear of the future. 

Met this incredible artist at crafty bastards last week and absolutely in LOVE with her work. 

This man and ALL of his work is just magical when it comes to relationship. 

The next podcast on my list. 

The book that's been capturing my heart, mind, and most importantly soul. 

If you are a woman or if you know a woman, this is a beautiful perspective on that powerful time of the month. 

If you're in D.C. I hope you'll join me for this Beauty Food event next week. 

Joanna Andreae