Winter Radiance

winter radiance

After a retrograde-imposed social media hiatus, I'm happy to report that my communication streams are coming back into alignment just in the nick of time.  We are in the midst of some very powerful days of cosmic importance that can set us up for an extraordinary 2018 if we know how to play our cards right. 

So I'm sharing tools to celebrate today's Winter Solstice and end the year with self-directed intention. Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when the earth's axis tilts ever so slightly further away from the sun. A day that marks the start of winter, captured by the ancients in spectacular fashion by the sunset at Stonehenge.

Yogi Bhajan said the following about such a power day: 

Come home when you can because there are two things in life --Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice -- when the divine cosmic energy can help you to elevate your consciousness and your health.

If I've learned anything from my private consulting work it's this: we all want to come home to ourselves in some form or fashion. We all want to get lifted, elevated, and higher in our connections, our spirituality, and certainly in our health. 

So how does one maximize the potential of this time? How to capitalize on and accelerate your own end-of-year-radiance? 

CONQUER THE MORNING | If you don't remember anything else from the blog, please remember this! The way we wake up can set a tremendous tone for the day. Pay special attention to the first minute of your AM.  Instead of thinking "oh, crap I'm late," or "how is it already 7:00?!" as you jump out of bed, consider a new affirmative phrase like: "Today will be victorious", "I am so grateful for this life," or even "I am, I am," - a phrase to link the finite and infinite parts of you together. This practice is an absolute game changer. Set a tone for your day of success, victory, and sovereignty and you will inherently become more radiant. 

MEDITATE MORE | Surprise, surprise. At a training last week in NYC I asked a gifted teacher, this very question. How can I really dial into this solstice energy? The simple answer she shared was to just go deeper. If you're someone who meditates daily without fail for 20 minutes, try adding a second practice this week. If you've never meditated in your life, consider setting a timer for 2 minutes and feeling your breath before bed. Take your form of introspection a little further. 

CONNECT TO YOUR RADIANT BODY | In Kundalini yoga it's taught that we have 10 bodies. One such is actually called the Radiant Body. Pretty rad, huh? The radiant body is said to give us spiritual royalty and radiance. Our connection to courage, invincibility and fearlessness. In my opinion the easiest way to strengthen this body is to listen to mantra. I've shared this invincibility mantra before but I'm sharing it again because it's just incredible. I've been listening to it softly on repeat while I sleep to allow it to clear the subconscious for hours. To take the radiant body practice deeper, you could also try this meditation

DRESS FOR YOUR (ROYAL) SUCCESS | I, like many of us, have been binge-watching The Queen on Netflix. The glamour is alluring, but it's also inspiring to witness the exquisite dress and adornment. It can be empowering to dress yourself with garments or objects that make you feel amazing. It doesn't mean you're getting decked out in your old prom dress and tiara, but perhaps it means adding that bit of extra something that makes you feel amazing. The blazer that's screams girlboss, the red lip color that gives you a confidence boost, the necklace that's a treasured family heirloom. You do you. Royally. 

GO LIGHTER | I'm not one to preach food cleanses or detoxes but this actually is a very good time to ease up a bit on the egg nog. Try adding cleansing food and drink to allow your body to slough off any excess physical heaviness and maximize the opportunity for elevation. This "heavenly" chai is a staple in our home across winter and, a good kitchari recipe can go a long way this week. 

You deserve a life of great radiance and joy. May you end 2017 with intention and healing and set yourself up for a beautiful and successful 2018.