Sunday Staples No. 1


Dear ones,

There is something about Friday that gets away from me. And as much as I've loved offering some Provisions on the last 9ish Fridays, I'm realizing Sunday may be more my speed. A day when some may feel anxiety for the week ahead. 

I hope these weekly resources, articles, books, musings and other 'staples' will provide you enough inspiration and encouragement to get up for the week ahead. 

Here's the first of many! 

I can't wait to attend this women in wine event from the Pineapple D.C. girls this Tuesday eve. 

A video article on wiring yourself for abundance from Kate Northrup.

I'm doing it. Going to actually try and make this homemade dog food recipe for Theo this week.

Definitely doing this virtual full moon meditation and kundalini class tomorrow AM. A little late but still able to tap into the energy of it. 

Last but not least, I got a 1/2 dozen beautiful ranunculus flowers (pictured above) from Trader Joe's for 5.99 yesterday. They are seriously lighting up my weekend.