Sunday Stapes Episode 2

Sunday Staples 2

An excellent article, a kick-butt kundalini set involving a "p" fruit, the new dirty dozen, and a few other resources to keep you inspired and geared up for the week ahead.

I have been doing this metabolic-overhaul yogic workout for the last 3 days and have committed to the 14 day challenge. My hamstrings hate me, but I do feel AMAZING afterwards. You do, however need some sort of "P" fruit. Organic pear has been my choice. 

I thought this article was really beautiful and a message that needs to be shared, especially with those like me who still get asked, "what are you?"

The new dirty dozen is out. Plan and purchase accordingly. 

A friend of mine just started this snack company. Lovely little on-the-go sizes and they taste great. My personal favorite is "Motivation."

Who are you? A podcast that stopped me in my tracks from one of my favorite spiritual teachers. Fast forward to 13 mins past to get past the intro and into the actual podcast.