Sunday Staples | Episode 2

A heart healing breath, a new event with a girlboss I admire, some great books and one of my favorite free ways to workout. 

I featured a version of this gratitude breath (which starts at about 6:40) at my last Breathwork Workshop. It was a hit. I've been practicing it almost daily. 

The pineapple girls are at it again and featuring another girlboss in food on Thursday eve. I can't wait to attend this event! Also use the code 'pineforWW' to get $10 off your ticket. 

I just bought a ticket to this wild and wonderful event with one of my mentors and teachers. I'm going to the "waxing" session. 

This little 14 minute video has been a great mid-day mini workout when I've overdosed on yoga and kundalini. It's nice to change it up and it's free.