Sunday Staples | Episode 3


One of the best movies I've seen in a while, a puppy video that has been cracking me up, where I get all my superfoods and an exquisite Easter recipe for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

This video has been cracking me up nonstop. If you have or ever have had a puppy, you will get it. 

The place I'm buying pretty much all my superfoods these days. They have great discounts with Sunpotion and FourSigmatic as well as others. I think the yearly subscription is 100% worth it!

Finally using a to-do list app and Loving it! Am I super late to this party

For a feel-good Netflix movie, this one is a win. Great music, laughs, and broody late-teenage adventure. 

Been oogling this Eater recipe since my friend Almila posted it yesterday.