The Bad Boyfriend

I can honestly say, I have a relationship with a bad boyfriend. A sexy, very smooth, one that happens to smell amazing. But I think...I mean I know it's time to call it quits. 

Unfortunately, though I come back again and again (and again!), this boyfriend doesn't treat me well. He may be friendly and warm at first glance, sure, but within a few minutes of being in his presence I get jittery, my heart palpates, my head hurts, and my digestion revolts. . 

It's not pretty.

So why do I keep going back? 

If this was a relationship with a real human, we would all say - ENOUGH. End it. You deserve better. Right?  But it's about coffee. Yes, coffee. And I'm asking myself this: why put up with a drink that treats me so badly? 

Perhaps it's because it's seemingly innocuous and a cultural phenomenon. And because there is something undeniably sexy about coffee. The feeling of a warm cup in one's hand is almost like a hug from an old friend as you start the day. Or the camaraderie of that favorite, artisan coffee shop - the one that makes homemade almond or hazelnut milk for lattes. 

But despite the many bad boy flavors I've dated over the years - the hipster (bulletproof), the spartan (all black), the cultured Italian (cappuccino) -  it's time to kick 'em to the curb.

I'm taking a stand because I'm sick of wrestling with myself. I'm also thanking my lucky stars because things like matcha, and even mushroom powders and moon dusts exist as fun and even fancypants alternatives. And because I AM worth it.

I deserve to be treated better and to ingest (and digest) only that which makes me feel great ALWAYS. Not this tiptoe-y, hot and cold, never really know how it's going to go relationship.

And if you happen to be that person who can enjoy caffeine without much effect on the system, then by all means keep on keepin' on! But for me personally, I am taking a stand and I can't wait to feel better because of it.