8 Easy Ways to Get Grounded

 I can remember as a kid when "grounded" was a bad word. It meant no TV, no candy, and absolutely no hanging out with friends. It was something to be avoided at all costs.

Fast forward to present day and all I'm craving is more grounding. Or, in its evolved definition, more of a solid and supportive connection to the earth and to my place upon it.

Our modern society, with all its technological advances is very much above the ground and sometimes way up high in the air of ideas. We are constantly in our heads, planning, thinking, strategizing, organizing, and are inundated with new concepts and images all the time. 

And that's great. Except there's one huge problem...

We are not grounded. We are not rooted in who we truly are and what really (really, really) matters. When we aren't centered and grounded we often live in a world of scarcity and fear. We can also leak energy leaving us feeling exhausted and depleted even halfway through the day. 

As we get to a place of grounding we find ourselves feeling strong and safe. We aren't so worried about every little thing as a deeply rooted tree has no concern for winds or storms. So today, I hope these suggestions prove beneficial as you create your own practice of grounding and balance. And should you like to take these concepts deeper and make them more personalized, I look forward to connecting over a session. 

 8 Easy Ways to Get Grounded 

  1. Practice yoga. Yoga inherently involves bare feet on the mat which helps to reconnect our soles (and esoterically our souls) back to the earth. 
  2. Eat grounding foods. Sweet potatoes are an absolute mainstay in our house these days and I notice a different in my energy ( a bit more scattered) when I'm not consciously eating root veggies. They do their job and root your energy back down. 
  3. Wear red and eat red. Red is the color of the root chakra and when we don clothing of that color or ingest foods (like tomatoes, strawberries, red peppers, beets, etc..) we are taking that energy into our bodies and helping us find that place of safety, and grounding. 
  4. Walk around barefoot. I have to admit, in our little backyard, which has basically become Theo's potty, it's a dangerous suggestion. But it does work! It's so simple and so fantastically helpful to just remember what it's like to have your feet planted on the ground. 
  5. Take a hike. Even if it's planned for sometime in the far off future - it's a great thing to prioritize now. Or find space this weekend to hope over to a place nearby. A quick google search or a peek at the National Park Service's website is a huge help. 
  6. Use crystals. Crystals are rocks. Rocks come from the earth. It's science people! But seriously, a crystal or a rock at your desk, in your hand, under your pillow, while you meditate, are all great ways and reminders to stay grounded. I often meditate with a beautiful rose quartz that was a gift from a client and I find it makes a huge difference. 
  7. Invest in some houseplants. I love hardy ones like snake plants or aloe - but anything that has actual roots that reach down into something will help you remember to do the same. 
  8. Try Prithivi Mudra. This is one of my favorites and is excellent for repairing energy leaks in the body and helping you feel more energized and peaceful.