Sharpening My Ax

It is rumored that Abraham Lincoln once said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax."

Yeahhhh. It's that time again. Lately I've been quick to action. Spinning around to create. To compose. To share and speak.

And that's a point.

Sometimes I must remind my clients and myself the value of moving more deliberately and more slowly when developing all sorts of things - new relationships, new business ideas, and even new life. 

I love that analogy so much. That idea of gestation, and of preparation, and it is exactly what I'm craving.  No, not the baby thing (I have a puppy, people - are you crazy?!) but the inward development of new ideas and a sharpening of my inner voice. A chance to listen -- really listen to my intuitive guidance and strengthen my spiritual rather than mental connection to guide me on my path. . 

So what does that mean? It means I'm taking a bit of a break. A time out from the noise of social media, and even a bit of a step back from writing fresh new blogs (though I will be sending out poems and recipes I've preselected each week to keep you inspired).  

I'll be meeting with clients, yes, but will be much more intentional with my free time. A reduction of inundation by noise of all kinds - email, tv, radio, and podcasts. 

Instead, it's going to be me, my journal, a hell of a lot of meditation and time in nature, and time with family and clients. 

I am a real person in the world so it's not going to be a perfect dive into a vortex of silence, but it's going to be a realistic detox. A realignment with internal rather than external values. And I can't wait to tell you what comes out of it. 

So. Here's to approximately 20 days of slowing down and diving in. I hope these words may inspire you - in your own way - to do the same. Should you need me, I look forward to connecting over a session below and I will be checking email sparingly each week. 

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