Magnificent Monday, Episode 1

I find Mondays can be such a contradiction. At times they can be exciting, hopeful, and full of energy. A moment later they can turn frustrating, anxiety-provoking, and exhausting. 

To mitigate some of the extremes, I've created a new weekly post of the things I'm making, eating, reading, and practicing to increase magnificence and uplift the spirit. I hope you enjoy episode 1!

I made this (easy) gluten free cake for my niece Ruby's birthday last night (pictured above). It was a hit.

Have you heard my podcast episode yet on the lovely Hey, Girl! Podcast? 

A number of clients have been asking about my matcha love and favorite brand. Well it's this one and the company has been kind enough to extend 15% off for you with the code: WANDER15

Speaking of magnificence, I've been practicing this meditation since the new moon and have noticed quite a transformation. 

I cannot recommend this netflix docummentary enough.

For a chuckle, a friend recently sent me this hilarious article.