Magnificent Monday | Episode 6

6 top anti-aging foods, a new book about the craziness of the beauty + fashion industry, a rose and holy basil tea to soothe warm summer nights, my favorite purple potato recipe, and more to make your Monday magnificent. 

I know these lists come out all the time. But it's great to remember you can heal yourself from the INSIDE out with these anti-aging superfoods

I am obsessed with the powerful adaptogenic (read: stress-reducing) benefits of Tulsi teas. And the best place to get them at a discount? This lovely online market. 

Many of you know, I love all things purple and especially purple potatoes. They've been littering the local farmers markets and my belly and here is my favorite recipe these days. 

Looking for ways to connect to an incredible community of women in D.C.? I'm hosting multiple healing and community-building workshops this summer. Learn more here - and join us! 

I've gotten into a black hole of watching this wonderful woman's zero waste youtube channel. It's got great ideas though! Here is a video about a zero (or more realistically perhaps, "less") waste bathroom.