Adventure Awaits

Sometimes I'm all about pushing the staycation. I believe in using the "beginner's mind" metaphor I often teach my clients about. Perceiving and engaging with the people, places, and things we are habituated to as if we were seeing them for the first time.

While this is an exceptional practice and can be very profound, I also believe in adventure. In seeing things with fresh eyes that are actually fresh and hence expanding one's understanding of the world, of other cultures and of oneself. 

As I stride towards my 30th trip around the sun in early August, I find myself thirsting for more of that actual adventure. After years of jetsetting for a corporate job every single week, the past two years have been an exploration in staying put and more about nesting for my family and my new business. 

It has been wonderful but I feel the itch. The itch to teach in other places. To explore. To wander in a true wanderluster's fashion.

I also believe in these words:

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

So as I embark on a kundalini retreat to a beautiful new place, I hope to stretch and grow into someone who knows herself even more deeply because she's learned more about the world. 

I hope you too carve out time across the coming weeks to do something daring. It doesn't have to be expensive or super far away, but I recommend something that gets you giddy with excitement and lit up with the idea of feasting your senses on the exquisitely new. 

When I return, I'll be holding a limited number of private empowerment sessions across the end of July and August. There is an option for in-person or digital (via phone or skype). If you're interested you can learn more and book here.