Magnificent Monday | Episode 7

An August of Moon Love, the powerful benefits of chanting, my favorite new music video, words of relationship advice from an expert and more...

Drooling over these top 10 recipes. As summer is in full tomatoey swing, I'm excited to dive into the juicy deliciousness of it all. 

The moon events this month are getting a lot of attention in mainstream and esoteric arenas. Here's a 5 minute video about what's happening on the 21st of August. If you're in D.C. join us at this circle. 

Yes he's my favorite kundalini teacher's boyfriend, but he's also an incredible relationship expert. Get lost in some of his wisdom here

The brain power boost yogis have known for centuries. We'll be practicing this very chat in the just announced Self-Care Session

Yes, I've been taking these almost daily. And they're amazing. And awful. And amazing. 

If you're in a bad mood, or just need a boost watch this. 

With my birthday right around the corner, I am currently coveting all things from this beautiful (and responsibly made) collection.