Magnificent Tuesday | No. 8


A breath to deepen intuition, an exceptional new book about love, an intimate full-moon release ceremony, new pants from an old friend, and more...

This powerful breath is a great way to deepen your connection to intuition. It also makes me feel amazing after practicing. 

Next week I'm holding an intimate full moon release ceremony in D.C. You have permission to join us in a small circle of women and let it go. Only 4 seats remain. 

Beyond proud of my old friend for her gorgeous, sustainably-sourced linen pants. The design, the fit, the feel is everything. Get on their newsletter to hear when the next batch is available. 

Boosting collagen through a 3 minute yoga practice? Yes please. Apparently this yoga can change the shape of your face. 

A client and friend recently sent me this transformational podcast and shared it was the most important thing he's listened to all year.