29 Things I know

Today is the last day of my 20s. A decade of so much change, transformation, and magic. But also a decade I'm ready to say goodbye to. As I enjoy the last day with a "2" in front of my age, I carry on the tradition of reflection.

This year has been one of creativity, magnificence and uncertainty. A year of disappointments, of  joys, of new awakenings, and of claiming my identity as a modern healer. So today, before I celebrate my next trip around the sun, I share with you, 29 things I know. 

  1. Wearing a hat is one of the most wonderful practices to contain energy and facilitate grounding. Plus, my mother has told me to wear hats for years. So I'm finally listening.
  2. Speaking of mothers, adjusting to small changes this year to help heal mother earth - using towels + cloth napkins in the kitchen instead of paper products, buying natural detergent from a girlboss I admire, and really trying to use less plastic - isn't difficult. Once you bring the awareness to it, it's an easy (and deeply helpful) new habit. 
  3. There is a new feminine energy rising on the planet. And whether you think it's woo-woo or hippy dippy to say that, deep down, you know it's true. I am certain it is this energy that will save this place and it's creatures. 
  4. Beeswax candles. I love you. Forever and for always and I am always looking for more. Best. Present. Ever. 
  5. While I love cats dearly, I am a bona fide dog person. 
  6. Bellydancing is something all women should try and practice to connect to their own unique and deeply instinctive sensual power. Also it's an amazing workout for the booty, abs, everything. 
  7. The more I take care of myself and feel my own uniqueness and unique capabilities inside, the more unique, capable and authentic I am externally.  
  8. It is important and deeply healing to take care of your own inner child. To love and nurture whatever that little wild one was and what it needs - even today. 
  9. I am madly in love with the moon and the magic of her lessons and cycles. When I sync up to them I find harmony. When I don't, I push hard (and all uphill) against a losing energetic battle. I don't recommend it. 
  10. Kundalini yoga is the best yogic hacker's technology out there.
  11. Nothing beats the magic in the eyes of little ones. It is contagious, connective, and gives me lots of hope. 
  12. The more I celebrate, the more there is to celebrate. 
  13. It is important to hold space for the sadness of things, but to remember that my own life - and my perspectives about it - are influencing the world around me. To stay positive, empowered, loving, and compassionate with myself (and my own little world) is to influence positively and improve pain and suffering elsewhere. It's all connected. 
  14. Deep breathwork is the best way to keep your immunity strong, release stuck emotions of grief, sadness, and low self-worth, and connect to the incredible, buzzing, energy body that we all have. 
  15. It may be better to give then to receive, but opening the more receptive side of me is pretty great also. 
  16. Poetry is great medicine. Reading it daily is a great anchor. 
  17. Intuition and source are always trying to connect and guide me, I just have to open my eyes and remember. 
  18. Taking care of and taking pride in my appearance isn't vain, it's reverence. 
  19. If I don't move my body somehow daily, I'm not a nice person.
  20. Creating playlists for different moods (wake up, wind down, dinner party, I'm angry, etc.), are powerful, creative, and so much fun. 
  21. Learning to say "no" when I want to is perhaps the most empowering lesson I've ever learned. 
  22. Crystals make me feel more grounded and rose quartz in particular is my favorite meditation tool and non-human travel companion ever. 
  23. Money isn't dirty or snobby or ugly. And the more I take care of it and take responsibility for it, the more it takes care of me. 
  24. The more books the better. But sometimes it's better to read one or two (or three or four) at a time and actually finish them, instead of 10+ starts. 
  25. It's ok - and extremely thrilling - to become the leader you were looking for. 
  26. Cold showers are terrifying but rejuvenating AF.
  27. Solo traveling and (mostly) women-only time this summer has made me a much better and much more appreciative partner to my husband.
  28. Extreme laziness is a great thing to dip your toe into. Especially if you're a recovering ambition-addict. 
  29. Though people don't always understand your choices, they don't have to. If you know in your gut something is right (or wrong), you truly don't have to explain yourself. 

photo by souqfly.com