Magnificent Monday | No. 9


A homemade toothpaste recipe, a free playlist of guided meditations, a flower party outside D.C., new recipes to fall into fall and more on today's edition of increasing your magnificence. 

This list is getting me so in the mood for fall cooking as the weather transitions in Washington. 

A free guided meditation playlist on Spotify. 

Only a few spots remain for this mindful eating and living event with Sweetgreen. 

One of my dear friends who is super savvy about all things homemade and sustainable shared you can actually use this for toothpaste. While we've been doing just that (an honesty my teeth are whiter than ever!) I'm interesting in taking the D.I.Y. thing a bit further with this recipe

This place is a dream. The event coming up on the 30th of September sounds just incredible, doesn't it!? 

3 minutes to cut negativity. It's not a subtle thing (so likely no doing this at the office) but if you have a few minutes when you wake up on the wrong side of the works!