Here we are. 2018 has landed and will be moving us fast into the current of expansion. This is a powerful year - an 11 year in tantric numerology - and 11 is the number of boundless expansion and mastery.  Decide that this will be your year of great success. Great love. Great connection. Because it can be. Today I give you permission to quit with the shoulds, the hopes, and unworthiness. You've been around the block a time or two, and the only thing holding you back from all your biggest dreams is you

Today I feel called to remind you that there are ways to free yourself from the patterns of the past so they don't dictate the future. But this freedom takes a dose of discipline, consistency, and adulting. And it's not necessarily the adulting (or 'misery') we're fed perhaps by cultural conceptions of what it means to take responsibility for your life. We get to pioneer a new definition of being an adult. A definition and embodiment that can entail ease, and fun, and a child-like perception of magic. We have a tremendous opportunity this year to capitalize on what we want we just have to show up for ourselves. 

I want you to have an incredible year. I want you to capitalize on all the energy of the day. I want you to find some discipline in a ritual that feeds you deeply. May this list serve to inspire and ignite: 

PLANT PROSPERITY | one of my favorite things about Kundalini Yoga is how unapologetic the teachings are about success. Get your financials in order so you can stop worrying about money and do the things you came here to do. I've been on a kick of practicing this 15 minute (very powerful) prosperity practice but I'm also a big fan of these mantras, this book, and this exercise. Pick one of these or some other prosperity practice to begin this year. 

ADD WATER | In addition to new years day, it also happens to be a supermoon - a lining up of the lunar and roman calendars that is no small synchronicity. Powerful symbolism on both sides and again, a day of great intention. On all full moons, it can be deeply healing to be in water. Take a more-luxurious-than-normal bath or shower. Allow the water to be bigger than just a substance; allow it to be a vehicle of healing and transformation. Emerge renewed and grateful. 

SAY A LITTLE PRAYER | Regardless of what religious background you do or don't come from, prayer is an act of grace, choice, and dignity. It's something I've taken a renewed interest in as I'm recognizing it as powerful act of trust, of worthiness, and of acceptance of something bigger, grander, and deeper that YOU are an integral part of. It doesn't have to be a prayer to some sort of "God" being. It can be a prayer to nature. To the sky. Or by all means to that great creative force of God. Whether it's the temple of nature, the great creative holiness of a moving song, or an actual physical church, find devotion to something today.

CREATE | The more we flex our creativity muscle, the stronger it becomes. Though I believe our life is a living art form, I encourage you today to create something. It could be a haiku, an adaptogenic rose latte, or even a really terrible doodle of your imaginary pet cat. Make it fun! We are creators and it's high time we remembered that. 

THE LETTER OF THE YEAR | Lastly, I'm sharing an exercise I'll be guiding my Full Moon Circle through tonight. This practice wraps many of the above items into one - it is part prayer, part creativity, and part prosperity. Find a comfy, quiet place. Take a few breaths - deep full inhales, deep full exhales. Feel your body, your presence, your beating heart in the here and now. When you're ready, set a timer for 5 minutes and begin to visualize that you are sitting in reflection on December 31st, 2018 looking back at the most incredible year of your life.

What happened? Who did you meet? What did you do? How did you nourish yourself? Have fun? What did you create? What good did you do for the world? Dream and visualize and dream some more. When the timer goes off, still in your almost-year-from-now headspace, write yourself a thank you note for the incredible things that happened. Thank anyone and everyone that played a part. Seal it. Keep it somewhere safe, and open it up on December 31st of 2018. 

The seeds you plant - especially now - can quite literally reap you a year of victory, great love, and great prosperity. Show up for yourself with daily discipline and love and the year will take care of the rest.  Should you wish to take any of this work deeper, I look forward to connecting over an authenticity session