What Are You Creating?


Each of us is a creator. And, as I've shared before, in the words of John O'Donohue: to be born is to be chosen. So if each of us is a chosen creator, it begs the question - what, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and beyond basis are we creating?

Our innate creative superpower begs to be utilized. If it does not get used, it inverts. Inversion of creativity can show up as jealousy. Or exhaustion. Or self-destruction. Or even as patroning the art of someone else that you secretly wish beyond all desires you were bold enough to try.

The truth of the thing is we're either creating, or we're destroying. There is no flatline. 

Right this moment we stand in a very special time of year and cosmic energetic that is just begging us to ground our dreams and our creativity.  We stand on fertile ground to plant seeds of desire for not just this week or month but this entire year - and dare I say - this entire lifetime. 

To that end, I'm sharing a recipe to harness this energy and find your unique expression of creativity today. 

STEP 1: GROUND | I don't care how you do it, but grounding is one of the most powerful, essential (and easy!) ways to get out of our doubt-ridden-subconscious mind and into the slow, sweet wisdom of the body. An exercise we explored at last night's women's circle is a new favorite. Find a crystal or stone of any sort. Place the rock in either hand, hold and take a few deep breaths. Feel the weight, the texture, the details. Then, when you're ready, set a timer for 3 minutes and simply hold the stone however you'd like, gently bringing your attention back to it again and again. Afterward, notice how you feel. 

STEP 2, MOVE ENERGY | It's difficult to be inspired to do anything when we're exhausted or feel stuck or heavy physically. Power walk. Jump rope. Run up and down a few flights of stairs (a secret trick of mine in my old corporate days.). Or my personal favorite, try kundalini yoga to raise energy (and consciousness) expeditiously. This is my favorite digital resource - or if you're in D.C., join me for a Sunday morning class. 

STEP 3, CREATE ANYTHING | A beautiful meal. Three gratitude letters to loved ones. A tower of blocks (or dog toys). A crazy idea for a book or screenplay. It is in the act of creating anything, and even more fun - something potentially meaningless or ephemeral, that adds energetic Drain-O to our blocks toward self. It is in this unclogging and unblocking that we unlock the limitlessness of our creating and our creations. 

STEP 4, BUILD INTENTIONALLY | Pick one idea or wish and pull it down into action. Actually move your feet as you pray your prayer of what you want. Are you looking for a new job? Is it time to release your blog into the world? Are you ready to truly take care of your body? Today is the day to write that list. The goals you'd like to set for 2018. And then (most importantly) the action steps to get there. The check points or personal accountability investments and support you may need along the way. The action plan for maneuvering over of stumbling blocks or out of quicksand of anxiety or doubt. After you've opened up a hallway of creativity, the flow of what you actually, more intentionally want to build can take shape much more easily. 

Remember you were born and chosen to be here, on this planet, at this time as an authentically empowered creator. I cannot wait to see you build that masterpiece! 



photo by souqfly