Organized Chaos

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It's ironic that I write about organization a day after hearing my favorite teacher say that chaos is a true sign you're on the right track. And I actually agree. Things do indeed start to move faster and get a little crazier when we are rising, improving, and most importantly, when we're able to handle it.  But that doesn't mean we can't make a concerted effort - especially today, just over the threshold of 2018 - to organize what we can, and surrender to the chaos of what we can't. 

For the last few days I've felt an insatiable hunger to clean, cleanse, organize, and feng shui almost everything my eyes light on. Initially I resisted this desire: didn't I have better things to do? Shouldn't I have been writing? Or meditating? Or working? 

But the more I sat with it, I realized I was resisting something that was actually quite natural and intuitive. The sensitive need to be in a place of clearer thinking and flow. To tap into those moments of connection to self, to spirit, and to a deep centeredness that a year of so much expansion almost demands of us. 

So I am not resisting or apologizing for this motivation any longer. Here follow the areas I'm dedicating time on the first half of this month. May this peek into my list offer some lift for your own intentional space clearing and creating. 

DIGITAL | It's time to organize the inbox, the photos, even the desktop. This one can be such a doosey. I'm a 15-tabs-open-at-the-same-time kind of gal. But I am understanding that to anchor into a year of clarity, victory, and greatness, I need to find a bit more of a tidy flow in the digital room of this life. 

CLOSET | I am obsessive (and probably somewhat annoying) about my husband's closet. I often help him clean it up or organize it a bit better. But the glass-house thing is just too much. My own closet has remained a sneaky but very real tornado of piled laundry, messy shoes, and an abyss of various other cold weather accouterment. Not any more. The buck stops here, closet! 

JUNK DRAWER + RANDOM NOOK | I don't think there's much to explain here. Everyone has a junk drawer or section of the house filled with mostly useless things. We also, however, have a little under-the-stairs Harry Potter nook that is filled with tools, firewood starter, and an impressive number of marathon medals. It's time to organize, slough off, and maybe even find a place of honor for all those long-slogged runs (well done, Tay!).  

ART | We have a couple of brilliant and beautiful prints and original photos quietly begging to be displayed. Most of them need frames. Some of them just need a nail. Either way, it's time to either donate the art or hang it up. 

MIND | Though I've spoken mostly of the physical realm of space, it must be said that the mind is always in need of some additional help scrubbing, emptying, and releasing. Our subconscious mind is startlingly large and holds an almost unbelievable amount of useless info (and mostly garbage). I'm stepping up my own meditation game, investing in continued wellness by hiring my own personal coach, and I'm strategically investing in additional trainings to make me a better teacher and healer this year. 

THANK YOUS | The beginning of year often finds me with numerous notes I meant to send and never actual got around to. I happen to live next to a lovely little bookstore with hilarious cards that I'm going to procure, write, and send to those who deserve better late than never notes of love and appreciation. 

While this list serves as a public declaration of intention and accountability, I am also sensitive to the fact that life always likes to throw some curveballs our way. It's a beautiful balance between making a plan, and also moving with the flow. May we all do ourselves the service of intuitive organization and a celebration of the sometimes surprising bliss (and humor) of chaos.