Magnificent Week | Episode #37


The book I can’t put down, the meditation I’ve been sharing with all my clients lately, the November moon circle, a bathing suit made from recycled plastic and fishing nets, and more to make your week magnificent…

The gems in this book are innumerable. Understanding these concepts can help heal and direct the course of your life.

I just re-recorded this subtle-yet-oh-so-powerful meditation. I’ve been sharing it with all my clients an practicing it daily - it is a great way to actually start to call in what you want in life.

I am signing up for this digital evolutionary astrology course.

The next moon circle in Scorpio is November 7th in Georgetown. Join us here.

I know I’m a little late to the party but watching this on netflix has been the most wonderful and relaxing wind-down.

Don’t care that the season is technically over, one of these beauties made from recycled plastic and fishing nets will be accompanying me on a winter trip to Mexico.

A slow living retreat hosted by Lady Farmer and friends that looks to be a marvelous weekend of community, nature, and intention.