Magnificent Week, Episode #39

The amount that can buy happiness, Moon-minded Women’s Circles for the end of 2018, a Sweet Green dinner “graze” in Georgetown, a quick yogic set to heal your digestion, and more to make your week magnificent.

A few minutes a day to heal your digestion.

I always find this to be an interesting debate. It’s OK to unapologetically want financial success. It’s also great to recognize the boundaries of that desire.

My friends at sweet green are hosting a beautiful event at the new Tavern on Wednesday.

Join me for the first ever digital new moon circle on Wednesday, December 5th from anywhere, and an in-person Full Moon Workshop on Saturday, December 22nd in Georgetown.

The book to teach emotional intelligence to kiddos (and their parents).

An AMAZING women’s program to inspire and elevate.

Joanna Andreae