Magnificent Monday | Episode 18


A Galentine's Day event you don't want to miss, a mantra that removes blocks to prosperity, lessons on happiness from 'blue zones,' the new D.C. spot I'll be trying this week, a chai latte recipe and more to make your Monday Magnificent.

Ladies. Get in formation and get ready for a wonderful Washington, D.C. event of self-celebration, self-love, and community on the eve of the new moon - also known as Galentine's Day. 

A great talk on blue zones. Practical tips and tools from corners of the world that are doing things right. 

Have you been to this georgetown gem yet? Granted I'm biased and have the pleasure of teaching there on Sunday mornings but it is just amazing - skincare, home, beauty, all in one of the more aesthetically pleasing shops I've ever been in. 

Absolutely loving this product. Using it for face, lips, hands and bod. All natural and made by a wonderful girlboss in Brooklyn. 

Cannot wait to try this lovely new spot near Union Market. 

A friend just sent me this maca chai recipe. Trying it later today! 

The song I'm playing over and over while I work to focus and remove blocks to abundance and prosperity.