What does your garden grow?


What if you considered your life to be an abundant garden? A place where you plant, tend, and cultivate the beautiful blossoms and ripe bounty of your desires.

What if you took responsibility for this garden? What would it look like?

These are the questions I consider as we approach this sacred and transformational shift from winter to spring. The balance of the Vernal Equinox is almost upon us, and it’s a wonderful time to honestly take a look at what’s working…and restructure what isn’t.

You see, in terms of an actual physical garden, I’ve been surprised by the things that have grown – especially in my front yard. The hyacinths popped seemingly out of nowhere but their beauty, their fragrance, and delight is no small miracle.

That said the cucumbers and carrots we attempted to plant last year in our back garden have been a bit more MIA. So too in life can we celebrate the surprises but not shirk away from our responsibility of accepting and addressing what hasn’t quite worked out.

As easy as it might be to blame it on the dog, or the squirrels, I’ve decided to take responsibility for the lack of attention and protection that was given to the back garden veggies. And the adventure of learning how to actually and appropriately cultivate them (and all the things of life) continues.

The metaphor of our life as a garden is a powerful one – if only in its prioritization. There is a time and season for it all. And whether we’re building a wellness empire, a family, a name for ourselves in career track we love, or anything else – we must understand how to give our attention to what is growing – in the short and long term.

Should you be in D.C. this weekend we'll be exploring these themes at the Grow Where You are Planted pre-equinox retreat and the evening New Moon Circle, both on Saturday.

Wherever you are, consider this: what in your garden needs your attention? Where are you happy to toil and labor for the ripest results? And where, perhaps, is it time to uproot, weed-out and replant?

May you get your hands dirty learning more about yourself and this precious world. 

Much love,