Magnificent Monday | Episode 23


The kundalini set to overhaul your metabolism this spring, a self-assessment to unlock truths about yourself, music to deeply inspire and lift, a full "blue" moon gathering and more to make your Monday Magnificent. 

Okay. It's not easy - but it is a very holistic and beautiful workout for all 10 of your bodies. Plus in the end you get to meditate with and then eat a pear. And it'll be the best pear you've ever tasted. Learn more about and practice the metabolic overhaul set I'm committing to do daily through the end of March. 

Recently learned to hula at a retreat and fell in love with these two songs: (1) + (2). They are an incredible way to start (or refresh) any Monday. Warning: they will get stuck in your head and you will start to feel happier. 

A very interesting *and free* human-design assessment. It is totally piquing my curiosity as I learn more about this work from Jenna Zoe's blog

Registration is released! Join us for this very special full moon on Saturday, March 31st. 

3 ways to turn jealousy into a superpower from the inimitable Marie. 

'Tis the season for refreshing that dear liver of yours. Learning more about these detoxification foods and methods as we transition to Spring.