Magnificent Monday | Episode 24


An incredible men's panel that will blow your mind, a wonderful consignment shop in Eastern Market, the new Tibetan food pop-up to try in D.C., a ladies-only workspace and more to make your week magnificent. 

Every single woman needs to watch this panel. 

I'm getting the hookup on (very reasonably priced) crystals from my friend and fellow kundalini practitioner The Crystal Situation. You can message her directly via instagram and she ships!  

We'll be circling this Saturday eve for the full moon. We'll be exploring how to bring more balance into all the layers of your being and relationships. Join us for this very potent event here

Just scored 3 beauuuutiful pieces for a great deal at this consignment shop in Eastern Market. 

Recently watched this movie and it. was. so good. 

The new pop-up in D.C. I kinda don't want you to know about but it was so good that I'm sharing it with everyone. 

I am excited to be joining this ladies only coworking space next month. Who's with me? 

The wonderfully humid place to warm up for this last cold snap in D.C.