The Things You Get To Do


It's easy to get bogged down by long lists of to-dos. To begrudge the hamster-wheel of the mind, reminding you over and over what still needs to be done and where exactly you've been falling short. 

I get it. I too feel the same sentiments and frustrations of being human. And yet, I'm learning through my own experiences and quite interesting stress research that perspective is everything.

A personal strategy I've been using to flip the script of my must-dos is as effective as it is easy. All it involves is this:

Instead of framing your day with all the things you have to do, consider a new frame: all the things you get to do.

Simple right? The most beautiful things are the most simple. Let's put this into practice, shall we? Here is an actual list of the "have-tos" that I switched into "get-tos" this very week. 

  • "I have to take my car to get inspected" becomes: "I am so lucky that my 2004 Jeep Liberty (from high school!) is still running. How wonderful that I have a car I get to use and get inspected year to year." 
  • "It's raining and Theo needs to be walked" becomes: "It's so nice to walk around and get some exercise at random points between the day. There's something about the rain that is so refreshing and wonderfully moody. I'm lucky I get to spend so much time outside thanks to this little mischievous pooch." 
  • "I have to do this (really challenging) Metabolic  Kundalini set I've committed to every day until the end of March" becomes: "I get to experience an amazing workout, a deep meditation, and some incredible toning of the booty all in 45 minutes. Plus I get to eat a pear at the end." (pictured above) 
  • "I have so much prep work for upcoming workshops, speaking engagements and classes" becomes: "What a blessing that I get to do this work in the world. How incredible that I get to circle up with women all over DC and teach people all over the country strategies to relax."

You're getting this, right? I know it may seem like pretending it's all rainbows and daisies but that's actually not quite the point. The point is to challenge yourself to utilize the powerful method of mental self-creation and even slight self-hypnosis that is our right and power. 

It is our own choice to frame our day as burdensome or full of blessings. It is in our reach to decide if we perceive all must-dos or unexpected twists as threats or exciting challenges and adventures - our own strengthening mountain to climb.

I want to live in a world where I feel lucky every day to be alive. Where, despite the pressure and all the sadness we're inundated with, I find ways to celebrate and find joy in my own work - however mundane or overwhelming it may feel. Don't you? 

So, if perspective is everything, how will you shift yours to support you today?