Magnificent Monday | Episode 22

magnificent monday episode 22

A mantra to move you into your destiny, a podcast to answer your questions about Kundalini yoga, events for higher alignment, a beautiful blog on quieting comparison and more to make your week magnificent. 

Mul Mantra. Release your karma and better align with the path of your dharma (or highest destiny). This will be a go-to as I traverse to the West Coast for speaking engagements at colleges near L.A. Use the mantra to help you focus on your future dreams! 

A fantastic podcast to answer all your questions about Kundalini Yoga. And if you'd like to join us in D.C., starting on Saturday, March 24th, classes are only $17 per person and you can bring a friend *for free* through April 30th. Sign up here

We watched this oscar-award winning movie last night. I cried. A lot. It's the best thing I've seen in a while and I highly recommend it. 

Cannot get enough of these (vegan, gluten free) savory-as-heck waffles. 

Events for alignment in Washington, D.C.. A pre-equinox retreat (with only one spot left) and a new moon circle for women to align, manifest, and feel better with the cycles of nature. 

This "one-minute" breath is a favorite for sneaky energy and balance throughout the day. Moreover, it helps release anxiety and strengthen your connection to intuition. 

My friend Alex's refreshing, open, and helpful blog about quieting comparison.