Magnificent Monday | Episode #26


A women's circle to offer a fiery spring re-start, a 5-minute mega prosperity meditation, my friend's amazing pantry, zero-waste home dry-cleaning (that works), and more to make your week magnificent...

My teacher just released a beautiful (and powerful) 5 minute meditation practice for prosperity. And if you're local, join us here for the first ever May prosperity retreat. 

D.C. Women - it's time to circle up for an Aries New Moon to remember. Join us on Sunday afternoon at the lovely Dupont Circle Yoga studio to spark your intention for this natural new year. 

My friend Lauren's pantry feature on the Pineapple Collaborative is beautiful and funny. If you're not following her work, you should be! 

A zero-waste way to dry-clean your clothes at home that actually works! I tried it with 3 sweaters - 2 of which had stains on them. The only addition I made to the video was to pretreat the sweaters with a bit of natural stain remover and then follow the directions in the video. 

Some random but exceedingly cool pinecone symbolism

This book was an absolute page-turner on my trip to and from NYC this past weekend. I finished it in two days.

For those interested in learning more about White Tantric Yoga.