Conquering Self-Animosity


We all have it. Some in spades. And what I love about the practice of yogic technology is there are ways to hack said animosity through breath, mudra (hand position), and mantra. It seems we are almost conditioned by Culture to hate ourselves. We are bombarded with images of perfect bodies, "perfect" lives of the rich and famous, and the facade of curated bliss through the competitively curated social media outlets we frequent.

This Culturally-pushed sense of lack keeps us down, keeps us consuming, keeps us questioning ourselves instead of the systems around us. It is superficiality and emptiness at it's finest. Yet we can get sucked in and hypnotized. 

But we can change. There is an ability to snap out of that matrix and into one where we are connected to our own innate infinity and greatness. And today, I've shared three quick resources to help you on your way. The first, a meditation designed to conquer you as your own enemy. The second, journaling prompts to open your eyes to how you're standing in your own way. The third, four mantras to play with in changing the sound and direction of your thoughts from negative to positive. 

3 minutes to conquering self-animosity 

journaling prompts

Free write at least 5 endings to each of these:

  • If I was 10% kinder to myself...

  • If I learned to accept myself just 10% more...

  • If I explored the idea that I am an infinite being having a finite experience...


Mantras to redirect the mind to a more positive and accepting state of self:

To integrate, deepen, and take this work on a more personalized level, I look forward to a session in D.C. or virtually.