Magnificent Week | Episode 30


A full moon circle for deep healing, the "hugging Saint" in D.C., this community over competition print, a nobel-prize winning physicist on beauty, and more to make your week magnificent!

Oh the Capricorn Full Moon. A great time to excavate the B.S., release it and reset for the entire rest of the year. Women of Washington, join us for a special full moon circle this Thursday

Amma, also known as the Hugging Saint comes to D.C. once a year. Throngs of people line up for a hug. It's quite an experience, it happens to be totally free and I highly recommend it. It's a beautiful opportunity to meditate, and to tap into someone's exquisite embodiment of the mother archetype. Mark your calendars!

This little gallery is like a hidden gem in Brookland. It's magic, it's delightful, and it's where I just recently procured the "Community Over Competition" note-to-self. 

I found myself audibly saying "wow" to no one in particular as I listened to this podcast from a nobel-prize-winning physicist. This man is in love with life, obsessed with beauty, and just happens to use science as a vehicle to get him even closer to wonder. 

A guided meditation for peace I stumbled upon by Yogi Bhajan.

Some interesting and healing thoughts on cherries - my fruit of choice during this time of the month.