Finding Fulfillment this Summer


When we're young, this season brings the delights of swimming outdoors, summer camps, summer love, and the sweet feel of freedom. Even as I write this blog, I truly cannot get this song out of my head.

As an adult, however, Summer can carry a different connotation. A time when it’s just hotter outside in a business suit. A time that might feel even more off-kilter as you’re stuck inside a fluorescent-light-filled-office when the outer world bursts with activity, color, and bloom.

In my corporate days I can remember this season flying by with little appreciation or pause. For years I failed to savor the gift of summer. And I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

As we approach summer solstice we stand on the threshold of possibility – an energetic opening into full exploration and expression. But what does that actually mean for you?

It means this can be a time of making some big shifts. It means you can align and open more easily to fun as you remember your right to enjoyment. It means you can vibrate with the same playful energy you may have had as a kid or teenager when summer came around. 

The best way I know how to do this is to be intentional about it. To realize that here we are at the beginning of a three month period of possibility. A possibility to find greater flower in your life – even when it comes to the most grating to-dos. A time when you can tap, more authentically, into what your gifts are, and what you actually love to do. A time to take risks, try new things, and most of all enjoy the ride. 

To intentionally access the gifts of summer, I offer a few ideas below.

HARNESS THE FLOW | Join me for this 3-month intimate digital coaching circle all about tapping into your own source of purpose, prosperity, and ultimately true fulfillment.

GET IN THE SPIRIT | Have a summer movie marathon, plan a trip (even a day-trip) to some place that has the trappings, vibrancy, and feel of summer you so appreciate. If this can evoke happy memories of summers gone by, even better. Let your inner child have a field day with this. 

CREATE YOUR OWN LIST | While no one will be forcing you to write book reports come September, I love creating my own summer reading list. This is a wonderful place to start and here are even more personal favorites specific to prosperity and purpose. 

TAKE A CREATIVE CLASS | What have you been craving when it comes to expression? Painting? Juggling? Ceramics? Dance? Now's your opportunity to invest in yourself and your creativity at the peak of seasonal alignment. 

GO OUTDOORS | While I was a very reluctant Girl Scout, I now cherish the times I get to spend outside hiking, exploring, even just walking Theo.  And I don’t care how insane your work-week is, I am certain you are somewhat near a natural place and you can carve out time for a picnic or a good wander. Perhaps even coordinate a weekly outdoor trek with friends to stay accountable and savor this warm groundedness of summer.

I believe your life can be deeply fulfilling. I believe you have a special purpose on this planet you were born to do and a mission that you (and only you) were chosen to deliver. I believe that you are worthy of great prosperity to make the experience all the more comfortable and joy-filled.

I believe summer is one of the best times to remember. I can't wait to hear about your great fulfillment this season. 

photography by souqfly