Magnificent Week | Number 31

magnifient monday.jpg

A playlist for fearlessness, a beautiful share about not-getting-pregnant, one of the best new songs I've heard, workshops for radiance and body image, a hidden gem in Oregon, next up on my podcast lists and more to make your week magnificent. 

I made this playlist for a client the other day and realized I love it so much I want to share it with this tribe. Every mantra is hand selected to turn the mind in a more positive and powerful direction towards fearlessness and away from anxiety,negativity, and self-doubt. 

This artist is the fabric of everything that feels authentic in music.  The simple yet textured depth of this song opened something in me very deep and has not once failed to make me cry. 

I'll be sharing soon about our entire west coast adventure but this little blue Oregon gem was so very worth the 3 hour trip. 

There are SO many wonderful events in Washington coming down the pike: Kundalini Yoga this Saturday at Take Care, then a (*free*) mini -meditation pop-up at Phoenix Boutique in Georgetown  from 11-1. Next Wednesday another gratis workshop all about inner beauty and outer radiance at JRINK's new Apothekary, then a few days later we're hosting the first ever Bare Tribe event on body image July 31st. 

I really enjoyed this heartfelt share about the ups and downs on the journey to motherhood. I know many clients and friends are experiencing similar frustrations. You are not alone, and the journey can be the teacher. 

Next up on my podcast list. Sure to be quite steamy.